Popeye The Sailer Mechanical Moneybox

Popeye bank
Popeye bank
Popeye bank
Popeye bank
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This cast iron mechanical moneybox features the iconic cartoon character, Popeye The Sailor. Popeye has been delighting children and adults all over the world for over 90 years now, first appearing in 1929. This cast iron moneybox depicts Popeye in his usual red, white and blue sailor outfit, with his beret, his muscular arms, and of course, his iconic smoking pipe. Although this moneybox is perfect for use as a decorative ornament in its own right, it is also a fully functional mechanical moneybox, with an articulated arm. This means that when you place a coin in Popeye's hand, and pull a lever, the arm will move to his mouth and deposit the coin inside for safe-keeping. The bank comes with a handpainted finish, showing remarkable attention to detail and craftsmanship. Truly a lovely nostalgic item, perfect both for use as a decorative ornament, or also as a gift for younger people to teach the value of saving money.

H: 16 cm
W: 12 cm
D: 12 cm
Weight: 1.60kg
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