Auto Signs


Our range of cast iron vintage garage signs celebrate the most iconic names in the automotive industry. 


Have a browse through our selection of cast iron auto signs below:

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Some More Information About Our Vintage Garage Signs


Our reproduction vintage-style garage signs are created using timeless and traditional iron casting techniques. This careful manufacturing process, with skilled craftsmanship, results in a beautiful finish - a product that is stunning to look at, durable, heavy to the touch - and so close to the original auto signs themselves that it is difficult to tell the difference.


After the casting process, each vintage-style garage sign is hand-painted to achieve a retro feel. In some cases, the finish is deliberately distressed, to get that authentically “antique/old” look.


What Kind Of Autosigns Do We Have For Sale?


Our range is always changing, depending on market and consumer demands. But at any given time, we always have a broad selection of garage signs for sale.


These include including auto advertising signs, classic car signs, motorcycle signs, large garage signs, exotic car brand signs, funny workshop signs and more.


Our auto signs represent famous and iconic brands from right across the automotive brand spectrum - from exotic supercar brand signs like Lamborghini signs, Ford Mustang signs, etc - to the more "everyday" examples like BMW signs, Ford signs, Volkswagen signs, Audi signs, Mecedes Benz signs and more. Our classic auto advertising sign range includes iconic signs from Michelin, ESSO, Texaco, Pratts, Mobilgas, Shell, Pratts and more. We also have iconic motorcycle signs from brands like Indian Motorcycles and many more.


Most of our signs are made from cast iron of course, though we do also have enamel garage signs for sale which benefit from a beautifully unique and striking reflective finish.


The vast majority of our signs are made to be wall-mounted, and come with pre-drilled hanging holes (though they can really be placed anywhere).


They also come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the likes of our garage arrow plaques (which are quite small), to the large, impressive advertising signs.


Who Are Our Cast Iron Auto Signs For?


Our plaques are always hugely popular with car memorabilia retailers, auto collectible suppliers, bulk independent distributors and gift shops.


Mechanics, auto-workshops and garages are also consistent customers, as our signs are a great way to decorate their premises, plus can provide a nice additional source of revenue via additional sales and upsells.


Of course, as a vintage wholesaler of these garage signs, we continually try to keep our trade prices as low as we possibly can.


Modern motoring brands might be dull and soulless. But these signs are from a time when the auto industry was full of life, glamour and character.


So whether it’s for hanging in an outdoor shed, an oily workshop or a modern man-cave - a cast iron auto sign on the wall will serve as a lovely collectable, nostalgic reminder of motoring’s glory days.


We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue!