Hangers & Hooks

Our range of cast iron hooks and hangers combine function with form. Not only do these decorative hooks help to keep your surroundings clean and tidy, they’ll add a rustic and antique charm while doing so. 


Have a browse through our selection of cast iron coat hooks and hangers below:


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Some More Information About Our Cast Iron Hooks & Hangers


Our cast iron hooks and hangers are manufactured from high-quality iron, using traditional casting techniques.


Cast iron is the perfect metal to make hooks from - its strength, durability and hardwearing nature ensure that our hooks are capable of carrying the dampest & heaviest of coats, weighty hanging baskets, mugs, keys, stockings, or anything else you plan to hang from them - they are built to last!



Coat Hooks, Hanging Basket Hooks, Key Racks, Cup Racks and More...


Our cast iron coat hooks come in a range of interesting and unique designs, featuring racehorses, horse heads, dogs and more.


Our hanging basket hooks come with a rural feel/look, and are perfect to help gardeners to display their plants and flowers with pride.


Our cup and key hook racks are quirky and original, featuring dogs (and dog tails!) cartoon characters and other interesting items.


Everthing is handpainted where possible, which only adds to the authentic vintage feel. We stock hooks in a range of colours and finishes including black, brown, white, bronze, rust, and multi-colour.


Where Can They Be Displayed?


Our coat, key and cup racks will almost always be used in interior settings, but like all of our items, they are durable enough to be used in many different environments.


Our wall-mounted hanging basket hooks will mostly be used outdoors, and they are designed to last even in testing weather conditions.


Wall mounted basket hooks come with brackets where necessary, and all have predrilled holes which make them easy to hang on surface of your choice.


A vintage theme is present throughout our range, with many of our hooks featuring ornate and intricate detailing. So our products will naturally complement country-style decor. They are popular in farmhouse hallways and kitchens, country pubs, rural offices and anywhere that would benefit from a touch of rustic charm!


As a wholesale supplier of cast iron hooks & hangers, we always strive to have a wide range of styles and designs in stock and ready for immediate bulk despatch. We hope you enjoy taking a look at our selection!