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Our range of decorative metal signs and plaques includes the informative, the entertaining, the quirky and the downright naughty.


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Wholesale Metal Signs & Plaques Supplier:  Cast Iron Signs & Plaques


As a trade supplier, we take pride in always carrying a full range of wholesale metal signs & plaques in stock, with a sign for almost every occasion!


Cast from the highest quailty iron, using traditional manufacturing techniques, and carefully handpainted, our vintage & retro metal signs are always among the most popular items that we sell.


It's no suprise, because cast iron is a perfect metal to create stunning, durable and hardwearing signs from. This, along with our range of attractive, stylish and unique designs, means our signs are always among the strongest sellers in the market.



Retro & Vintage Metal Signs that are Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use


Cast iron is naturally tough and hardwearing, and we make sure to complement its inherent strength by using durable handpainted finishes on our signs.


The result is a sign or plaque that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Our signs will stylishly complement existing interior home decor in a hall, kitchen, toilet or door and likewise look fantastic mounted on a gate, fence, garage or wall.


Our office signs lend a nice touch to an interior door for example, our toilet signs are stylish and unique, our humorous signs are great for a manly man-cave - and whereas our garden signs (Keep off the Grass, Beware of the Dog, Private Property, etc) make for attracitve garden accessories and add a lovely classic touch to a lawn, patio or exterior space.


Most, if not all, our signs come with pre-drilled holes, which make them easy to hang on a door, wall or fence of your choice.


And by the way, we expect our signs to have to deal with harsh weather, and so they are tough enough to easily thrive in testing outdoor conditions.


Our vintage metal signs are also popular with retail, office and hospitality - for example, our toilet signs are on display in many pubs up and down the country!



What kinds of Metal Signs Do We Carry in Stock?


As the leading UK wholesale sign supplier, our range changes frequently to reflect what is selling well right now in the market.


Some of our most popular signs come in a range of styles such as a retro/traditional style, modern style, shabby chic, Art Deco, and even Art Nouveau.


At any given time, we'll have in stock a full range of signs and plaques, suitable for a vast array of uses.These will generally include garden signs, door signs, toilet signs (ladies/gents/bathroom/vintage), funny and humorous & funny signs, quote/saying signs, shop signs, open/closed signs, parking signs, wall signs, gate signs/"Shut the Gate" signs, private property signs, "Keep off the Grass" signs, signs for dogs, signs for cats, decorative signs, "Ring the Bell" signs, office signs and lots more!


For the more daring among you, we also stock vintage metal signs with more...shall we say…"risqué" messages –

if you choose any of those, we accept no liability for the consequences!


We hope you enjoy browsing around our collection of wholesale metal signs.