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Some More Information About Our Vintage Garage Signs


Our reproduction vintage-style garage signs are created using timeless and traditional iron casting techniques. This careful manufacturing process, with skilled craftsmanship, results in a beautiful finish - a product that is stunning to look at, durable, heavy to the touch.


After the casting process, each vintage-style garage sign is hand-painted to achieve a retro feel. In some cases, the finish is deliberately distressed, to get that authentically “antique/old” look.


Most of our signs are made from cast iron of course, though we do also sometimes stock aluminium signs for sale which benefit from a beautifully unique and striking reflective finish.


The vast majority of our signs are made to be wall-mounted, and come with pre-drilled hanging holes (though they can really be placed anywhere).


So whether it’s for hanging in an outdoor shed, an oily workshop or a modern man-cave - a cast iron auto sign on the wall will serve as a lovely reminder of motoring’s glory days.


We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue!