A cast iron door stop is the perfect cure for banging doors and pinched fingers! We stock a full range of vintage, antique and novelty door stop styles.


Take a look at our range of cast iron door stops below:




Some More Information About Our Cast Iron Door Stops


Our door stops are meticulously created from the highest-quality cast iron. Cast using traditional techniques and completed with handpainted finishes, our cast iron door stops are tough, durable, and an absolute pleasure on the eye!


Cast iron is the perfect metal for making doorstops from - it's natural weight means that our doorstops are heavy enough to withstand the strongest draught or the dodgiest hinge.


Indoor and Outdoor Doorstops


Our cast iron doorstops (or "doorstoppers") are extremely durable but also beautifully decorated. This means that they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use


All products in our range are also perfect to use as patio door stops too - and add a lovely touch of decoration on an outdoor patio or path directly outside a french doors leading to the outside, for example.


Vintage, Quirky, Animal & Novelty Door Stops


We always keep a wide range of doostops in stock - meaning we can serve an array of tastes and designs.


Our lovely cast iron animal doorstops are always popular among customers and great sellers - with our dog doorstops, cat doorstops, horse doorstops and cockerel doorstops being particularly strong sellers (and our Art Deco Cat Doorstop is stunning!)


We stock a wide selection of novelty doorstops too.


Who Are Our Cast Iron Doorstops for?


Our cast iron doorstop are perfect for anyone who wants to add some unique decoration to their house while allowing pets (or children!!) easy access to the garden on a breezy afternoon. And of course, a good heavy doorstop will prevent your door from getting damaged (or somebody's fingers!!) by being slammed shut on a windy day.


The style of our doorstops lend themselves to country houses in particular, but they are very attractive to anyone who wants to inject a little rural charm into their house or garden.


Although our doorstops combine both form with function (they look great while being excellent at keeping doors open) plenty of customers buy them as large garden ornaments (or interior ornaments) in their own right - they don't necessarily have to be placed at a door, they look lovely situated anywhere inside the house or indeed outside in the lawn.


How Big Are These Cast Iron Doorstops?


 Our doorstops range in size from small to very large! Our horse doorstop (with a brush) stands at 22 cms in height - many of our mid-size doorstops come in at around 30 cm in height (or 1 foot). Our biggest doorstop (at the time of writing) comes in at 55 cm in height.


Part of the reason why our doorstops are so popular is down to their weight. Cast iron is naturally a dense, heavy metal, so it is perfect for doorstops. Our lightest doorstops would be around 2.5 kg in weight, ranging up to our heaviest doorstops being around 4 kg, which is not light at all!


Wholesale & Trade Supplier of Cast Iron Doorstops



Our continuing goal, as a wholesale and trade supplier of cast iron doostops, is to keep the quality and design of our products at a consistently high level, while all the time keeping prices as low and affordable as we possibly can.


Our range of doorstops is constantly changing, and we always closely monitor market trends, to make sure we are ahead of trends and consumer demand.


We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue of cast iron doorstops and look forward to receiving an order from you soon!