Our cast iron ornaments and figures provoke interest, entertainment and humour, wherever they are placed.

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Some More Information About Our Cast Iron Ornaments & Figures


Our whole range of cast iron figures is characterised by high-quality workmanship, hand-painted colours and intricate details. Our ornaments are iron cast using traditional methods, which results in a hard-wearing, durable yet authentically vintage look.


What Kind of Cast Iron Ornaments Do We Stock?


Our range is focused mainly in the vintage, quirky and retro styles. Our cast iron farming figures include tractor ornaments, vintage farm machinery and cast iron animal statues.


We also stock a very popular range of cast iron automobilia figures, and our reproduction machinery sculptures appeal to farming, toy and motoring enthusiasts alike.


Our cast iron animal figures and ornaments are absolutely stunning - and are among our strongest sellers - our cast iron deer ornament, cast iron stag ornaments, cast iron dog ornaments (including greyhounds, pitbulls, bulldogs), cast iron horse ornaments (some with jockeys) and more.


Perhaps our most spectacular are our crouching lion ornaments, which make a big impression!


Our wall-mounted cast iron figure range includes cast iron goat heads, cast iron sheep heads, cast iron cow heads and cast iron horse heads.


Our range of novelty cast iron ornaments are always popular, as are our cast iron mechanical figures, such as our boxing dog!


Many of our items are original pieces, but some are also sympathetically recreated cast iron reproductions of iconic old designs, intentionally distressed to add the authentic vintage/retro look.



Who Are Our Cast Iron Figure & Ornaments For?


Our cast iron figures are great for gift, vintage, retro and curiosity shops. They are the kind of ornament that catch the eye, raise a smile, activate a memory - and so they make for fabulous presents and impulse purchases.


It's no surprise that they are among our strongest sellers all year round, but particularly strong in the run up to the traditional gift-giving season each year.


Wholesale & Trade Supplier of Cast Iron Figures


Our figures are carefully and meticulously crafted, but because their cast iron construction makes them extremely versatile - in addition to being used as ornamental decorations, customers use them as paperweights, bookends, general interior decor and more!



Our continuing goal, as a wholesale and trade supplier of cast iron ornaments and figures, is to keep the design and quality of our products at a consistently high level, while all the time keeping prices as low and as attractive as possible.



Our range of cast iron figures and ornaments is constantly changing, and we always closely monitor the market to ensure we are ahead of the latest trends and consumer tastes.



We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue of cast iron ornaments and figures, and look forward to receiving an order from you soon!