model Spitfire

model Spitfire
model Spitfire
model Spitfire
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The Spitfire, an iconic symbol of World War II, captured the hearts of a nation with its pivotal role in the Battle of Britain. Its sleek design and maneuverability made it a legend in the skies. This polished aluminium Spitfire model embodies the spirit of this celebrated aircraft. With a mirror-like finish, it perfectly reflects the Spitfire's elegance and distinctive design. Perched on a minimalist base, this model is ideal for history enthusiasts,  collectors and war memorabilia fans alike. It serves as a striking focal point on any office desk, shelf or table, while at the same time commemorating the Spitfire's enduring legacy. 

H: 14 cm
W: 14 cm
D: 14 cm
Weight: 1.25kg
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