Railway Signs

Cast Iron Wholesale offers a select range of stunning railway signs, which collectively pay tribute to Great Britain's proud history as a global pioneer in rail travel.


With an array of train, platform and station signs to choose from, all railwayana enthusiasts are sure to find something of interest! Take a look at our collection of signs below:



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Our Cast Iron Railway Signs: How They Are Made


Our railway signs are carefully created from cast iron, using age-old traditional casting techniques. In many ways, although our signs are reproductions (i.e. not pure originals), they are in fact produced in much the same way as the original metal train signs would have been - many, many years ago.


This is the reason why, when our customers actually get their hands on these signs, they are always impressed at how authentic they feel. The cast iron finish is textured, with raised lettering in most cases, which just adds to the genuine vintage effect. And when the light catches the raised details at certain angles, the shadows created are just magnificent.


Cast iron is a fantastic metal from which to make these railway signs. It's tough, durable, and heavy to the touch. Each sign benefits from a handpainted finish, using the same techniques as would have been deployed when these signs were first developed, a couple of centuries ago. High-quality, hard-wearing paints are used during the finishing process, which preserve and enhance your sign, keeping it in top condition for years to come.


We work extremely hard to keep our signs at exceptionally competitive prices, so as many people as possible can enjoy these lovely pieces of replica railwayana, many of which are pieces of collectible memorabilia in their own right.



Our Range of Railway Signs


Our range of vintage cast iron railway signs is always changing, depending on market demand.


But at any given time, we aim to have a broad catalogue selection of reproduction cast iron metal train, platform signs and station signs for sale. These include: overground train signs, plate signs, railroad signs, waiting room signs, totem signs, station master signs, wagon room signs, milepost/distance markers, funny signs and more.


Our railway warning signs include examples like "Beware of the Train", Stop, Look and Listen", "Quiet Please", "Do Not Use The Toilet", "No Spitting", among others!


For fans of vintage railwayana, we also have a selection of signs more commonly seen on older railways in days gone by, featuring well-recognised names such as GWR (Great Western Railway), The Flying Scotsman, The Cornishman, British Railways, Mallard, The Yorkshireman, Southern Railway, London Underground (Tube), Somerset & Dorset Railway, Caledonia Works and South Coast Railways.


We regularly get new items in stock too, so it makes sense to check back every now and again, to see if anything new has arrived!



Who are our Railway Signs For?


Our products are always hugely popular with railwayana & railway memorabilia distributors, collectible suppliers, antique dealers, auctioneers, gift shops and retailers.


These vintage railway signs are also hugely popular with customers, who use them to add some retro charm to their gardens, home interiors, garages, outdoor offices, sheds and man-caves. They also make great gifts for people who love a bit of vintage British heritage.


These signs are most commonly just simply used as wall signs, and most come with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting (some people also like to use brackets for mounting, but note that brackets are not included).


Commerical customers are also often interested in acquiring these railway items for use in decorating country pubs, cafes, and other public places.



Why is this kind of Railwayana still so Popular?


Some 200 years after they started to appear on bridges, platforms, locomotives and stations, people are still drawn to the simplicity and heritage of these classic signs. They are a window into the glory days of the Great British railway network - the oldest railway system in the world.


Railwayana (sometimes also known as "Railroadiana") mostly refers to artefacts from both old and operating railways around the world. Signs are very popular among railwayana enthusiasts, and herald back to a time when the railway station was the first port of call if someone wanted to travel almost anywhere, be it for work or play.


Like most types of memorabilia, these signs act as a gateway back to simpler times, when people remember the pace of life perhaps being a bit slower, when mechanical technology was more prevalent than digital, and then train travel was glamorous.


We hope you enjoy browsing our wholesale catalogue of cast iron railway signs, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.