Railway Signs

Our cast iron railway signs pay tribute to the earliest British passenger railways.


Have a browse through our selection of railway signs below:



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Some More Information About Our Railway, Train & Platform Signs


Our reproduction train signs are created using traditional iron casting techniques. The resulting metal finish is tough, durable and built to last. 


After the casting process, each railway sign is hand-painted to achieve an authentically antique, retro, old feel. Our goal is to make sure our replicas are as close to the real thing as possible.


These vintage railway signs are hugely popular with customers, who use them to add charm to their gardens, country pubs, home interiors and much more.


Our range is always changing, depending on market demand. But at any given time, we aim to have a broad selection of railway signs for sale, including overground train signs, London underground signs, railway totem signs, station signs, wagon signs, railway platform signs, funny railway signs and more. 


Our products are always hugely popular with railwayana & railway memorabilia retailers, collectible suppliers, antique dealers and gift shops.


Some 200 years after they started to appear on bridges, platforms, locomotives and stations, people are still drawn to the simplicity and heritage of these classic signs. They are a window into the glory days of the UK railway network - the oldest railway system in the world.


We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue.